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Sadeq Nickbakht

Most UX designers follow a specific framework or process when approaching their work, from the first idea all the way through to the final launch of a product. As a reminder, a framework creates the basic structure that focuses and supports the problem you’re trying to solve, kind of like an outline for a project.

You started to learn about frameworks in the video you just watched. This reading will dive into more detail about the user-centered design process, the five elements of UX design, and the design thinking process. You might be drawn to a particular framework, or your…

The name UX design says it all: the user’s experience is at the center of how we design products. The best way for you to create great user experiences is to know and empathize with your user. As you might recall, empathy is the ability to understand someone else’s feelings or thoughts in a situation.

As a UX designer, empathizing with users enhances the products you create because you experience the product as your user does. …

The human brain is an incredible processing machine, and it can store an amazing amount of information. One way brains are able to store so much information is by creating mental shortcuts based on repeated patterns. These shortcuts allow humans to relate and group information together for quicker processing. But, these repeated patterns of thinking can lead to inaccurate or unreasonable conclusions that are biased — favoring or having prejudice against someone or something. Biases can seriously impact your user research and negatively influence the design of your final product. …

There are two key parts to every UX design project: conducting research to learn about the users you’re designing for, and gathering feedback about their perspectives. UX design is all about putting the user first, and research helps designers understand those users.

UX research focuses on understanding user behaviors, needs, and motivations through observation and feedback. Your product design should be built upon research and facts, not assumptions. UX research aligns what you, as the designer, think the user needs with what the user actually needs.

Let’s check out how research fits into the product development life cycle.

Sadeq Nickbakht

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